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elven glare
elven_ranger wrote in ebid_users

Books from 1p & postage, DVDs &CDs from 99p each, plus celebrity items, stamps, collectables,

Especially trying to clear a load of books. All kinds of books, mainly non-fiction:
cookery, crafts, gardening, DIY, academic, childrens, business, education, etc.
Also some fiction, mainly historical fiction.
Mostly second hand plus a few new ones. All spotless condition.
Also several CD audiobooks.

DVDS and CDs
Again, loads of DVDs and CDs, many genres, all available from 99p, each one tested and checked prior to listing.

I also have stamps, bric-a-brac, collectables, authentic original signed celebrity items and much more all needing good homes at low prices! check out my stores now!

*I combine postage if you buy more than one item and it fits in the same packet.
*I charge postage/stamp costs only, you do not pay extra for the packaging or "taking the item to the post office" or any other hidden "postage" costs.
* I send worldwide, tracked for best security.
* I have excellent recent seller feedback from transactions here on ebid and am a long-term regular active ebid seller.
* All items sent within 3 working days of payment recieved.
* Any questions guaranteed to be answered within 36 hours (usually within 12 hours).
In aid of my university tuition fees
Prices from 99p, (books from 1p plus postage)
celebrity autographs, playbills, knicknacks to raise funds for theatre group


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