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A community for usersof the Ebid Auction site
This site is for users of the online auction website ebid.

Ebid, in case you are new to it, operates in a similar manner to Ebay, only is a great deal fairer to users than Ebays recent policies, with the result that increasing amounts of people who do online auctions are migrating, partially or fully, to Ebid. If you are thinking of getting into online selling, Ebid is well worth joining. If you are looking for low prices in online auctions, again check out Ebid. Without the huge seller fees that Ebay now charges, we can afford to start auctions at less, on Ebid.

Please note that this is not an official website for Ebid, but is simply a community made by an Ebid user since until now, there wasnt one on Livejournal.


- Post anything related to Ebid, but please only post your auctions once a fothnight at the maximum, one photo/image, allowed per post (so if you have lots of auctions, link to your user profile on ebid, or your stores on Ebid, and tell us a list of what you are selling. For example "I am selling books about gardening and CDs by Bon Jovi".

- Absolutly NO off-topic posts. This means, if the post is not directly about Ebid, then its probably off topic. NO Ebay auctions allowed here.

- On-topic posts are about Ebid, postage, ebid policies or user queries, sending abroad, payment methods, packaging etc.
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